Agency Compliance Program

We welcome you to the Project Safety Net New York (PSNNY) Compliance Program. The agency’s Corporate Compliance Plan and written policies and procedures can be obtained by clicking the below links.  The agency culture is created and supported through the execution of the Corporate Compliance Plan.  Our Corporate Compliance Program is used as an instrument to notify our employees, providers and contractors of the federal and state false claim acts as well as whistleblower protections.  Furthermore, our Corporate Compliance Program ensures compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws.

Here at PSNNY, the purpose of our Corporate Compliance Program is to avert and identify fraud, waste and abuse. Our Corporate Compliance Program ensures the decisions made at our agency meets legal and ethical standards. The Corporate Compliance Program encourages and upholds an environment of integrity and exhibits the agency’s obligation to accuracy and accountability. This is performed through continuous self-monitoring that detect and resolve issues. It assists by identifying and preventing activities that are not of the agency’s principles and policies. It also ensures that agency meets its regulatory requirements and enforces corrective action for noncompliance.  It is utilized as a resource and an instrument for employee concerns about compliance issues and ensures they are properly addressed. Our Corporate Compliance Program offers training and education to employees and board members while ensuring the highest level of care to the clients we serve.

PSNNY Compliance Plan 2021