Support Groups

In response to the dramatic impact of COVID-19 on many of Long Island’s communities, Project Safety Net has developed online groups to support the needs of its clients and to provide safe environments for connecting and sharing.

Project Safety Net NY ‘s virtual groups are on a break, we’ll have more information coming soon.

Care Coordination



People with chronic health conditions feel better and live longer when their network of providers, agencies, and programs is coordinated. Our credentialed, clinically supervised care coordinators help secure the services you need to improve your health, get stronger, and make better choices.

Our relationships make us effective

Our team takes the time to get to know you, carefully explaining all of your options and helping you make plans to stay on track. We chart your goals, treatments, outcomes, and accomplishments.

Need help navigating your care?

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Testing, Prevention & Mobile Outreach


Using a mobile outreach approach, our testing and prevention programs aim to reduce the number of new HIV, hep-C and sexually transmitted infections by bringing services to clients on their own turf.

Project Safety Net offers confidential screenings and evidence-based interventions.  We link clients to medical care, counseling, and case management.  We provide fast-tracking for substance abuse treatment and PrEP/PEP referrals.  Our network of providers spans the island.


Sponsored by CDC

Care navigators provide free counseling, testing, and referrals for Long Island’s YMSM of color, ages 16 to 29. Services include HIV testing, screening for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and Hep C, couples testing, cognitive counseling, risk assessment, free condoms, and referrals to care.

Highway to Health
Sponsored by SAMHSA

Field-based teams work with individuals seeking substance abuse treatment and those currently in treatment and in need of HIV/STI testing, healthcare, and prevention education. Engagement staff collaborate with Project Safety Net Care Coordinators to provide a continuum of assistance from first encounter to longer-term case management.

Educated Choices, Healthy Options
Sponsored by SAMHSA

Collaborating with colleges and communities across Long Island, the ECHO team uses evidence-based interventions to provide young adults opportunities to reflect on their current choices, set future goals, and learn strategies to reduce binge drinking and risky behaviors. Prevention Specialists provide free counseling, testing and referrals.

Visit our Safe Space in Hempstead

*Due to the impact of Covid-19 (coronavirus), we are suspending our Safe Space hours until further notice.

Youth Programs

Project Safety Net empowers Long Island’s young people. We partner with schools, colleges and other community-based organizations to create innovative programming and targeted interventions that promote cultural literacy, support academic achievement and career goals, and prevent bullying, addictions, suicide and teen pregnancies.

SHELTR Performing Arts Lab

SHELTR Performing Arts Lab has been designed to promote awareness, health and wellness among LGBTQ youth and their allies in underserved high schools on Long Island. This initiative creates an interactive platform for young people to explore the arts, discover their own voices and express their unique lived experiences. The interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum positions ‘performance’ as the vehicle to explore the benefits of community-building, self-expression and peer mentoring all in the service of the overall health and wellness of young people.

  • fosters gay-straight alliance
  • informed by principles of cultural competency
  • strengths perspective draws on talents of those served

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is a whole school program proven to prevent or reduce bullying and has been recognized as the foremost bullying prevention program available. Certified Olweus trainers provide overview presentations, train your school’s bullying prevention committee, and assist with training other staff. Our trainers consult with your school for at least one academic year to ensure success and fidelity of implementation.  The program’s effects are measurable:

  • reduction in reports of students being bullied and bullying others
  • reduction of antisocial behaviors, such as vandalism, fighting, theft, and truancy
  • improved classroom relationships and positive attitudes toward school and schoolwork

Family Voices

Family Voices is a workshop series designed for children and families from different cultural backgrounds, facilitated in Spanish and English. Family groups meet weekly to talk about cultural diversity, bullying, cyber bullying, and discriminatory behavior. Using games, role-play, and interactive activities, the program enhances communication skills within families, provides concrete strategies for avoiding conflict and resisting peer pressure. Community-based family resources are also highlighted.

  • fosters healing for vulnerable youth at individual, family, agency, and community levels
  • trains professional agencies and informs policy on the realities of stereotyping, hate crimes, and cultural bias
  • celebrates unity, teamwork, diversity and inclusion