Sayville, NY



Branch of Service


Where did you serve?
NY, TX , NC and overseas. 

Why did you join?
Was a part of ROTC in High School and wanted to join to serve my country.

Why did you pick the service branch you joined?
It was the Air Force because that’s the ROTC Unit I was a part of during High School and I got a great understanding of the history and science behind American Air Power during High School.

Do you recall your first days in service?
Yes. It was a tremendous responsibility at a very young age of 17. It prepared me for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t change anything if I had to do it all over.

What was your job/assignment?
Military Police 

Were you awarded any medals? How did you get them?
Yes. For deployments , training and education levels, operations, and achievements.

Were you deployed? If so, where did you go?  How Long?
Yes. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq. 6 months.

Which war(s)if any did you serve in?
The Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Do you remember arriving and what it was like?
Scary and nerve racking at first then it became normal and easier over time.

How did you stay in touch with your family/friends?
Letters by mail and email.

Was there something special you did for “good luck”?
Always kept pictures of family on me.

What did you do when on leave/ R&R?
Relax and unwind. Swim, Bike, Hiking.

Where did you travel while in the service?
NY, TX, NC, SC, Alabama, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Germany, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey.

Do you recall the day your service ended?
Yes, I went to school to become an EMT and joined the local Fire Dept.

Did you work or go back to school?
Work and School.

Did you make any close friendships while in the service?
Yes, some of the best friends and family that I still keep in touch with daily.

Did you join a veteran’s organization?
American Legion 

What support helps you?
VA Health Care, VA Mortgage.

What support do you want to see more of to help veterans or those returning from service?
VA Mortgage, Health care, GI Bill for College.

What can we do to spread awareness so others are not forgotten?
Never forget and always honor those who have served and given their lives so that we can have freedom.  

What would you like to see more of in your community to support veterans/those who served?
More programs for PTSD, suicide awareness and prevention, and Homeless services.

What stigma have you experienced or seen others experience of being a veteran?
Afraid to talk about things that bother them or reach out for help.

Has this stigma stopped you from receiving services?